Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quotes Database Update

Hello everyone,

I'm writing in order to inform you for a new quotes database update.

Since yesterday 30quotes.com have:

  • 21,525 Famous Quotes
  • 7,655 Authors
  • 511 Topics

I hope you'll like them,


Friday, October 8, 2010


Hello 30 Quotes readers,

I'm writing in order to inform you for a small new functionality - Ratings. It's working for 2 days already. With the addition of it I rearranged the layout of the single-quote pages and they are better now. You can check by yourself by reading today's quote of the day. You don't need a registration in order to vote. So, if you have some time go read and rate some famous quotes.

That's for now. Have a nice weekend!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome to CloverQuotes

Hello new friends,
I'm Stan Bright and want to welcome you to my new web service - CloverQuotes. From now on this will be the official blog of the project.
So, what is cloverquotes.com?
It is a web service for famous quotes by famous people. Its goal is to become the most simple and easy to use site for quotes and quotation. Moreover, it will offer soon the service of making awesome gifts by sending inspirational quotes.
You can check the library with famous quotes now. More over I set up an interesting new functionality yesterday - Getting quotes by scanning a QR Code with your phone.
So, I'll be glad if you give me your opinion about CloverQuotes. For example - How do you think it could be improved? - What is missing? - What is unnecessary?
Thank you for your time,